Let your food be your medicine

#EatHealthy #StayHappy “Let food be thy medicineand medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates You may have heard the expression “eat yourself sick.” But is it possible to “eat yourself happy”? The fact is, your state of mind is profoundly connected to your diet. Here’s how to eat yourself Happy :- 1. Eat frequent small meals and snacks…

Think – Eat – Save ‘Say No to Food Waste’

Food is the most powerful basic necessity for every living being. It’s essential to keep us alive, it keeps us going. Wastage of food is such a clear indication that there is something fundamentally wrong with our social well-being!

Eat Yourself Happy to Stay Happy

What you consume has a big impact on your mood .Do you think that there are foods that can help you tackle your mood swings? Well! yes there are foods that can help in overcoming depression, feel happier and these foods are healthy too.