Let your food be your medicine

#EatHealthy #StayHappy “Let food be thy medicineand medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates You may have heard the expression “eat yourself sick.” But is it possible to “eat yourself happy”? The fact is, your state of mind is profoundly connected to your diet. Here’s how to eat yourself Happy :- 1. Eat frequent small meals and snacks…

Gongura Tomato Niluva Pachadi | Gongura Chutney by Flavors

#gonguraniluvapachadi #authenticandhrarecipe #gongurachutney #గోంగురాటమోటానిలువపచడి Recipe Credit : Sandhya Chowdhury Sorrel leaves often called as Gongura leaves in Andhra Pradesh and ambada in Maharashtra. Leaves are sour in taste, it comes in two varieties, red and green. Red ones are more sour as compared to green ones. The best varieties are found in Guntur region of…

Her Smile is my Everyday Inspiration

#smile #kids #joy #love #inspiration The smile on your face lets me know that you need meThere’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave meA touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fallNow you say it best when you say nothing at all… Source: LyricFind

Chicken samosa, mouth watering snacks

Samosa or samoosa are one of the favorite street food in India. Its small triangular shaped pastry which is very crispy and tasty, filled with stuffings made with onions, mixed vegetables, and smashed potatoes, I love it when its stuffed with minced masala chicken. In 2019 Ramzan I made loads of samosa and took it…

Family outing after 7 months.. and this is how we enjoyed.

Being in a lock down for more than 7 months we were still very sceptical on taking this trip, we are happy that we did as it turned out really great. On Friday my daughter hurt herself badly. While she ran with a glass bowl in her hand.. She lost her balance and fell down…

Flavors Is Back

Hello Viewers…thanks for all the love and support Flavors Is Back with Delicious lip smacking kid friendly recipes.. SEASON 2 COMING Soon… Mom & Me Recipes.. Stay Tuned

Think – Eat – Save ‘Say No to Food Waste’

Food is the most powerful basic necessity for every living being. It’s essential to keep us alive, it keeps us going. Wastage of food is such a clear indication that there is something fundamentally wrong with our social well-being!