Is who cooks important than what is cooked??

Cooking is an art, a talent. It’s a passion that does not need to be categorised by a gender. Who is cooking shouldn’t be important that what is being cooked and with what compassion

I have lived in an environment where I have seen from my childhood how my Dad used to help Mom in kitchen during festival, in her sickness or when she was away from home. Apart from making chappati he was able to cook anything that could fill our stomach well. My mom would still get angry because of the messy kitchen after and the burnt utensils but effort counts isn’t it 😜

In this case my husband is very hygienic infact sometimes its annoying. According to him even when you are cooking you should multi task and keep cleaning the kitchen which will reduce pile of utensils and dirt to clean post cooking, sounds good but difficult to achieve.. Isn’t it.. Haha

This have not been a situation in every home and I came to know when I started going to school, college and started meeting other kids and know their stories. In some families during periods women were not allowed to enter kitchen for 7 days in such situations girl child were taught early to take over their mothers role for that time frame. It’s not a bad thing but poor child I have seen them missing schools due to the work at home, I think at such situations husband should contribute as kitchen does not just belong to women or a girl it feeds the whole family. Cooking for your family is love and is truly an art, I could say that from my experience when I am sad or angry my food tastes awful.

My husband have been very supportive from the start. I work in a MNC and there have been situations when I have reached home late due to cab issue, traffic or work etc. I have found dinner ready for us made by him, my colleagues used to laugh and make fun “He cooks for you..Isn’t it like you should be cooking for him” .

I would blithely say that “house belongs to us and so is the kitchen and he loves doing that for me and I am proud of it” . People should also come out of such stigma, rather concentrate more on treating your taste buds than pointing who actually cooked it. You don’t ask such questions in restaurants. Why?

Now the trend is changing in India and all over the world.. Everyone should know cooking even my brother loves making salads, kebabs and he’s still learning, he has that eagerness to experiment with flavors, till now all of them have been successful. 👍

So people around the world those who still think kitchen belongs to women, also need to understand men belong in kitchen too as it brings FOOOOOD 😋😋

Here is one of the tastiest recipe which my husband repeatedly cooks on family demand.. Enjoy!


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