Visit to a fair is always exciting.

Life is like a ferris wheel… sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. On the end, you just have to learn how to enjoy the ride.

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Ever since my childhood days I have always loved visiting a fair for fun, food and frolic.

I hail from West Bengal in India, every year during Durga Puja there was a traditional Fair for almost 10 days. We used to wait for a whole year and enjoy this complete 10 days to the fullest.

There were innumerable shops ranging from food n snacks, ornaments, kitchenware, toys, games and many more. The rides ranged from beautiful ones for kids to terrifying ones for adult. In short, this fair was for people from all walks of life.

One thing that terrified me the most in these fairs were “Maut ka Qua” – Death Well. These entertainers used to ride bikes, cars and even come out of them, leave hands and drive in circular walls at breakneck speed. It really used to give me goosebumps to see them come to the top of that rink and collect money from people’s hand. This sort of activity was later banned as many lost their lives during those stunts.

The other thing I loved most in fair was you get to enjoy thoroughly with your friends and family.. The colors of different shops due to what they are selling, various lights around and street foods – yummm..made you satisfied and stomach full though I am not sure those were hygienic or not😂😅

After years I recently visited the same kind of fair in Bengaluru, it really wooed my daughter but I believe that old charm of fair is missing as anything and everything is all about money now. You enter the place you pay, for every ride you pay (which is costly by the way) and the purchases inside are costly too, I believe it’s because of the booking price for the land where they build these fairs for a month as a result they are charging people heavily.

However, I did not want my daughter to worry about any such thing and I allowed her to enjoy to the core, every ride and every food or toys she wanted but just one time.. Else it’s gonna burn a hole in my pocket bad 🤣

I was happy cause she was happy and we came back home with innumerable stories which she called and narrated to her Grandma and friends, and I started putting aside all the things we bought in the fair one at time.

Bengaluru, EC phase 1 fair

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