Buffet or Ala Carte what is your preference…

Every year on my husband’s Bday we used to visit Barbeque Nation, past three years due to lockdown we had to celebrate at home.

I have always preferred buffet as you can eat whatever you want and quantity does not matter at all while in Ala Carte everything is served in small amounts and are costlier.

Today we were sitting and discussing on the topic when I suddenly felt like visiting BBQ so I reserved the table for 2 and a half (Husband, me & my daughter) 😁

We always end up having non-stop starters especially grilled prawns and fishes, chicken, kajole potato, crispy corn and wings. While we are done with Starters we directly move to deserts cause I really don’t like the main course in BBQ

The best thing that attracts me always is the staffs behavior, they have always been good but they were impeccable today. They really understood the requirement and served food to my daughter with 0% spice which she loved a lot and enjoyed thoroughly. Not only that they gave her two balloons, a crown, especially made orange juice and chicken wings as per her taste.

We walked hardly few steps out of the BBQ and my daughter expressed how happy she was and she’s eager to visit again

I want to thank Omprakash and Sanjay for creating a great ambience and serving us delicious food as per the taste we kept on requesting.. Also thanks for behaving so nicely with my daughter.

Omprakash(left) and Sanjay(right)

Where to buy the tickets from?

Tickets on Friday, Sat and Sun are costlier around Rs. 1000 per person but prefer to buy from nearby app you will get two tickets for 1800/- including taxes and there is a cash back of Rs. 350/- which can be utilized for some other activities. Omprakash was very generous to give us sweet lime soda, mojito and orange juice as complimentary and they did not charge anything for our daughter. Came back home satisfied and stomach full. πŸ˜€πŸ˜„


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