Radiation and Human Health

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Radiations in some amount is considered to be advantageous. Share your opinion and mention advantages and disadvantages for the topic.?

It is believed that radiations are always harmful. Lot of people suggest that minimal level of radiations is increasingly advantageous. In my opinion advantages outweighs disadvantages which I will talk about how in the upcoming paragraphs.

When we talk about the radiation the first thing that comes to mind is dangerous and should be avoided, however scientists over a decade have proved that everything in our day to day life consists of radiations mostly good. These radiations have been classified into two types – electromagnetic and nuclear radiation. Example:  a rainbow is an outcome of radiation created by the process of precipitation which is beautiful with no harmful effects.

Secondly, when we go for an x-ray and get the report in email, we download and watch report, this is possible through radio waves. Moreover, even fruit like banana contain certain amount of radiation which isn’t harmful at all, you will have to eat 149 bananas per day for an year to reach a situation where it’s dangerous which is impossible.

In Disadvantage I would say when body cells are too much exposed to the radiation and it gets damaged beyond repair can lead to cancer or death, however it’s proved that if you are exposed to hours even for days at a stretch still this amount of damage is not possible.

In conclusion, radiations in low amount is more beneficial than a threat, as without radiation it will be difficult to carry out day to day activities, however few still argue of its side effects which is harmful only if you are exposed to such radiations for a very long time and the body cells gets damaged beyond repair which seldom happens.


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