My Extended Family…Love for pets

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Ever since as a kid I was always very close to animals. My father used to understand my feeling well and my house was always filled with some pet or the other.

My first pet were rabbits, I had around 26 of them, all so adorable and cuddly. We brought two home and they multiplied very fast ultimately we donated some to loving family and some we had to leave in forest where they could thrive and survive.

Next I had a pair of parrots, they were too quirky. I made them learn ‘Kaun Hain’ (who’s there), I Love You, Get up, Good Morning etc. We always used to keep them open one day they flew away and came back. After few days they flew again and never came back. I always wished they were safe and happy.

Like that I had one hen, a cat, an aquarium full of fishes, a naughty monkey (who lost its way and I found him) was always eating 🙂 , and was there with me for may be just a week till it was sent back to jungle.. and I owned two guinea pigs which later was left in nearby jungle too.

You must be wondering how I kept them all together..ha..ha no I owned them time to time throughout my school life. My father gave away all of them before my ICSE(10th board exam) so that I could have my undivided attention towards my Boards Exam.

Almost after 20 years I was so excited to get two pet rabbits for my daughter she named them Hunny Bunny. They were very messy and used to bite us and bite on things especially.. ultimately I had to take them to a farm where they can stay with other rabbits.

My baby was very upset and insisted on getting another pet so we bought her a cat and I could never forget the sparkle I saw in her eyes when she saw the little one, she named her SNOW.

Snow – Himalayan Breed

Snow is now 1.5 years old, she’s a Himalayan cat. She’s playful and super active early morning and after 10 PM. My daughter and Snow loves to play hide and seek, paper ball, pretend fights etc.

Last month SNOW littered 5 beautiful kittens with Alfaz. All different colors – Black, Grey-White, Grey, Golden and Golden-White.

Daddy Alfaz – Siberian Breed

I was very scared what will happen at her delivery will she be alright, what I will have to, how I can comfort her n all.

Doctors warned us that they won’t be able to come or help in the process as Cats don’t like any outsiders at that time. If she’s delivering and need help it would only be me.

That’s what actually happened.. I was listening to music and suddenly I heard wee wee sound, My cousin opened the door of the place we arranged for her and there she was covered in blood and delivering her third kitten.

I contacted Doctor and he said I need to constantly monitor and see if the babies are coming out of sac properly, there cords are cut or not and if not breathing hold them upside down and wipe their nose and mouth. I was ready with all surgical items but I wasn’t ready.

I opened the door and checked all kids now there were 4, all were breathing fine out of sack and cord cut well. The 5th one she delivered in front of me, Snow was already tired so I had to perform the process myself including disposing off the placenta. Whew! I am scared of blood, I did not see my delivery, God gave me strength to do all this.

Was the whole delivery process easy?

Well Queen cat does most of the thing but she might get tired as kittens are littered at a gap of 20-30 mins and mother cleans baby, cuts placenta, eats placenta and cleans herself too after every process. Definitely she will be tired so be nearby and be alert. Sanitize your hands, blades, gloves etc and be ready to help her if she could not open the sac help her open, cut the cord and wipe of nose and mouth for kittens to breathe.

Did she deliver in the place I assigned her?

It was difficult as Queen will give delivery in a place she loves. I changed places almost 5 times and she wasn’t satisfied as she was still searching. Finally she liked the last place I set up. I added few cloths, plastic, then newspaper and top of it another cloth.

It was of no use she moved all these and gave birth in almirah wood, I had to clean all the blood and blood stains, it might not be similar with other cats. So relax don’t panic, seeing your cat in pain and struggle you will get the energy to assist her.

Are they completely on mother’s milk?

No, we started giving them Goat gold Powdered milk enriched with multi vitamin and nutrients which helps with growth. For few days I was feeding them every 2-3 hrs even during nights, and slowly I increased time to 4-5 hrs and now they are one month old I feed them twice a day. Mother is able to generate enough milk for all 5 of them.

Any special food for the mother cat?

When a cat is pregnant you need to switch to kitten food for her as it’s rich in protein. Even after delivery continue kitten food for another two months till the Queen is feeding the kittens. Give ample amount of water and wet food. We gave her Whiskas 2-12 month tuna in jelly, she finishes one packet in a day. In addition to that we give her boiled chicken and alternate days half boiled egg for protein.

Do not give too much food at once and don’t keep her food tray or water tray empty.. Serve in small quantity but serve regularly.

Have your kittens started on solid food?

Our Doctor said let nature take its course, mother will teach everything. If she does not then start teaching them on eating solid food and how to use litter box when they turn two months old. Start with wet food – start with liquid and few pieces and slowly increase the quantity.

For litter use any shallow box and add newspaper cuttings or any paper cuttings, do not use litter sands for small kittens as those lumps can lead to choking hazard.

Can we give cow milk to kitten?

I have seen many people feeding cow’s milk to kittens and they survived too but it’s risky. Our Doctor recommended not to feed the kittens cow’s milk as it might harm the kitten, it does not have required nutrition and it may lead to diahorrea leading to life threatening issues. Only feed kitten approved formula. We are giving goat gold

Goat Gold Milk for Kittens

Remember cats shift the kittens to 7 different places, that’s in their nature. She might need your help and come to you too to find a safe place for her babies. Try to arrange all 7 places nearby say a carton, a basket, an almirah etc. She loves the places which is dark and cosy and kittens needs warmth, so make sure all the places are warm and cosy.


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