My Green Paradise

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I am a village girl born and brought up in a very small tea garden area.

Earlier for everything that we thought of purchasing we used to wait for Sunday markets. Hawkers from every tea garden and from other villages used to come and sell variety of fruits, vegetables, snacks, cereals, ornaments and many more.

Far away from all the facilities that we have now like Internet, Cable, phone, laptop, car etc. We still used to find ways to play, keep ourselves busy and very happy.

Life was very simple and we used to love our neighbors. Not at all like nowadays where its sophisticated and complicated unnecessarily.

We used to breathe fresh air very close to nature. We used to live in small cottages and had loads of playgrounds and parks where we used to form a group and play Hide and Seek, freeze game and many more.

Wildlife sanctuaries like Jaldapara Gorumara was just nearby. We were so close to nature that we had close encounters with animals like Elephants, Leopards, Monkeys, Bear etc. We saw snakes many times closeby crossing us and we as kids still engrossed in our play not even worried at all… my kid will freak out if she sees such thing.. Ha.. Ha

I still remember climbing somebody else’s trees for fruits like Mango, Jujube(Ber), Blackberry(Jamun) and many more. We were chased by the owners and we used to love it. All kids used to gather and enjoy those delicious fruits.

Every evening there was power cut for an hour and everybody used to come out of their houses. All fathers together, all mothers together and all the kids yelling and shouting and playing. I feel nostalgic and reminiscense… I truly cherish those memories.

We really had plants and trees around us like thousands of them. Greenery was breath taking with picturesque view. Now in the city with such busy life we hardly used to get time to even take care of just one plant…

This pandemic definitely taught us a lot – good, bad.. Ugly everything.

Good because my bonding with my family.. my daughter improved substantially. In this lockdown she got to spend more time with me.

My 6 year old and me engaged ourselves in multiple activities to keep ourself occupied as we could not meet anyone or go anywhere.

We started with planting seeds and slowly we started bringing saplings and plants home. Some died some survived and we learnt in the process how much to water.. When to water it, how much sunlight is sufficient etc.

I live in an apartment with limited sunlight and I have kept mainly low maintenance plants along with succulents.

This video is the complete tour of my house that I truly love and call it My Green Paradise.

Share your journey.. your childhood memory that you cherish the most.. ☺️

Glimpse of my hometown… DOARS


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  1. Wow, you made the most out of the space you have got! Your balconies are real greenhouses. You have a beautiful home.

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  2. JanBeek says:

    Wow, parweenkhan, you have a lovely apartment – and definitely a “green thumb!” I need you to come nsd take care of my plants! I used to have over 30 in my home and now I am down to 6. Little by little, they die for one reason or another!! I love your array of greenery and your decorating talent. Theh bright yellow makes me smile! Thanks for visiting JanBeek and deciding to follow my posts. I hope you are inspired by the messages I send. I am inspired by yours! I need to learn how to keep my plants healthy like you do!!

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    1. Hello JanBeek.. Thanks for lovely comments.. Your words are so inspiring… It’s been a difficult journey for me too to keep them alive but I have learnt.. Every plant needs to be watered and cared in a different way.. Snake plant, bougainvillea, rubber plant, dumb cane, succulents, monstera and pothos(money plant) even Areca Palm needs less water and less care. Water only when the roots are completely dry.. Rest all plants in my area and weather I stay it’s difficult to maintain them.. But I am trying hard.. They also need lot of love..

      Saw your posts and I genuinely liked them.. Will keep visiting.. Thanks. Take care. 😊

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      1. JanBeek says:

        Thank you. I appreciate your shared expertise. 👍🏽♥️

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