10 little fingers.. 10 little toes… 1 cute smile to die for

It’s been 9 months since I have uploaded my last blog…

I am so excited to share the news that I am blessed with a baby Boy.

Giving birth isn’t easy. Once you plan you make up your mind, you accept and thrive to overcome all hardships that you may face. In the whole journey there is no looking back…You just think about the beautiful little you that you will hold in your arms, cuddle, care and love forever.

My journey with my princess was smooth for complete 9 months.. But with my boy it was truly a roller coaster ride.

I had internal bleeding on my first trimester and was recommended complete bed rest for 3 weeks. In this pandemic work from home meant double the work in office, work for home, cooking, cleaning…and my 6 year old complete care – food, bath, feed, classwork, home works and how can I forget her playtimes/activities with us.

I was granted 3 weeks of leave and rest and luckily I healed but when I joined back office I had to cover up for all the time loss which was strenuous.

By the end of second trimester I had developed gestational diabetes I truly started craving more for sugary foods but my dietician made me a chart which just had Oats, Ragi, lean meats and egg in my schedule 😦

I delivered a healthy baby by 8 months 4 days.

I am low on milk supply since the first month of delivery… I have tried everything all medicines suggested by lactation expert all home remedies suggested by my neighbors, friends, relatives etc.. etc none worked. I am exhausted pumping n pumping… and now my baby is on complete formula feed.

I really feed sad that I could not feed my milk but I really don’t feel guilty as I tried as much as I can..

I have been judged, misunderstood by my family friends for not feeding my child but it’s not by choice but by circumstances which I seriously fail to explain them. My baby is healthy and that’s what important to me.

Have any of you been judged… been through postpartum depression? With me well not in this pregnancy but I have been through it with my first child.

I used to cry unnecessarily, shout wanted to be left alone and felt depressed and tired all the time. That’s when I diverted my mind and started blogging and it helped.

Share your pregnancy journey.. What hardships you faced and how you overcame them….

Just in one word define the experience when you got to hold your child in your arms for the very first time….

For me it was ‘Magical’ 🙂

The past nine months of sleepless nights had driven me insane,

But the sight of something so beautiful made me forget all the pain.

I feel like God for a moment to have created a life.

Out of my own flesh and blood, was made my darling child. I promise to be the best parent to you my dear.

For losing you is the only thing now that I ever fear – Unknown


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Words can’t describe – Truly Respect ❤ for what u have done n doing 😍🥰😘… Loads of love and hugs from Ridaan, Rida and Papa😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤️❤️


  2. Congratulations with your second child!
    It is strange, that people are still judging, even if the situation is explained to them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah… Can’t stop ppl from saying thing… Best we can ignore and stay happy.. 😊

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