Family outing after 7 months.. and this is how we enjoyed.

Being in a lock down for more than 7 months we were still very sceptical on taking this trip, we are happy that we did as it turned out really great.

On Friday my daughter hurt herself badly. While she ran with a glass bowl in her hand.. She lost her balance and fell down injuring her three fingers badly and the glass pieces shattered all over the house, she was terrified and so were we looking at blood all over the place.

So on Saturday I was browsing and checking for nearby getaways so that we could divert her mind and so we can have some refreshment too.

Checked the reviews online for the place and found the ratings very bad.

I have visited this place almost 11 years back with my Mom Dad and brother and we thoroughly enjoyed but due to low maintenance and less visit of people it’s loosing it’s charm

So, let me now quickly share the details of this place.

We visited Innovative Film City which is located at Bidadi Industrial Estate, Bangalore, Karnataka in India. I would say it’s not that bad as my kid thoroughly enjoyed and since it’s not crowded you get a chance to relax as your kid runs around and enjoys herself.

If you buy the ticket at counter or from its website it will cost you almost Rs. 700/- or more per person. I made the purchase from nearbuy app. Install this app from Google Play and search for Innovative Film City. It will share you the ticket cost which is Rs. 199/- only, inclusions and more details are below.

Entry ticket to all Attractions include :


  • 3D gallery 
  • Selfie gallery
  • Tribal Museum
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Catapult 
  • Toddler’s Den
  • Mining 
  • Bull ride
  • Innovative Film Academy
  • VR
  • Mirror Maze
  • Dino Park
  • Fossil Museum
  • Kid’s Train
  • Mini Golf
  • BIGG boss tour and BIGG boss house
  • Super minute 
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Bounce
  • Petting Zoo

It’s opened from 10 am to 6 pm as it’s getting darker early due to the onset of winter, but usually in summers it closes at 7pm. Kids above 3 years old ticket will be required.

Along with the above mentioned attractions there are places where you can click very innovative pictures too. There are Segway, and kids toy car and bikes ( at extra charge) . There are big size trampolines as well where kids will enjoy jumping and having fun, I saw parents too enjoying in it.

I request in this lockdown do not expect too much as people are visiting very less so many attraction are currently closed like Museum, roller coaster rides, and kids all rides etc.

Please visit this place on a Saturday or a Sunday as on weekdays as few attractions might be closed due to less or no crowd.

No food counters are opened inside due to lockdown and social distancing. Even if it’s open I would request please carry your own food consider it a picnic.

We carried 4 plates of chicken biriyani which was enough for 5 people. When we reached the place it was already 3 PM, and taking home food inside is now allowed so all snacks we kept for traveling and biriyani we ate right before entering the place.

One very heart touching thing happened as we were enjoying biriyani one dog came very lean and hungry. We gave her bones she was so excited but she didn’t eat them in fact everytime we were giving her bones she was carrying and going somewhere so we followed her and we saw her feeding her 3 small kids. I got teary eyes thats whom we call ‘Mothers’. Once all her kids were satisfied then she came to us and we fed her. Couldn’t take any pictures as we were so engrossed in watching her, It was a great moment.

All my fellow traveller’s whoever is planning to visit this place its my request carry some food for these street dogs too.. Looking at their condition felt very bad, they were too skinny, this lockdown have affected the animals badly and most of them are dying due to starvation.

Overall my reviews will be 3 star as I said most of the attractions are closed, but if you are looking for quick getaway with your kid I think it’s really good.

Please visit this place with your kids, and take beautiful 3D pictures, Play games, and enjoy food with your family and do share your reviews in the comments. Take care. Keep reading my blogs and stay tuned for my new recipes in Flavors.

Check out all the pictures & videos below:

It’s Halloween πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸ¦‡πŸ‘»
Innovative Film City Entrance
Jurassic Park
BIGG Boss Chahte hain πŸ™‚
I loved that smile πŸ™‚
Pretend Play at Beach side

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