Top 10 Kitchen HOW TO Answered | Kitchen Tip or Tricks by Flavors

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Check out this top 10 kitchen how to’s that will surely reduce your efforts a bit in kitchen

1. How to extend vegetable freshness?
Place paper towel at the bottom of the fridge crisper to absorb excess moisture and prevent vegetables to rot.

2. How to find out eggs are fresh?
To determine eggs freshness check its behavior in water,
Fresh ones sink, Bad eggs floats

3. How to get rid of Bugs?
Add bay leaves in a container of Atta, Rice or pasta to repel bugs

4. how to make stale muffins fresh?
To revive old muffin sprinkle some water and put it in paper bag .Microwave for 5-10 secs. It will taste like fresh ones.

5. How to revive vegetables crunch?
Take a ice bowl add sliced raw potato and the veggies like carrot,radish and celery it will revive its crunch in few minutes.

6. How to maintain cookie crunch?
Keep crispy and chewy cookies in separate containers, else
chewy cookies will make crunchy cookies loose its crunch..

7. How to ripen fruits quickly?
To ripen fruits overnight, place in a paper bag with Apples.
Apples releases ethylene gas that hastens the maturing process of other fruits.

8. How to save a scorched pan?
Sprinkle baking soda on the burned bottom and add 5 tablespoon of salt with enough water, let it stand overnight and scrape out charred remains with a spatula.

9. How to preserve cut lemons?
Need just few drops, avoid cutting lemon in half, it will dry out quickly. Instead puncture it with a skewer and squeeze out exactly what you require.

10. How to keep herbs fresh?
Store whole bunches washed and sealed in plastic bags in freezer.When you need they will be easier to chop and will defrost
as soon as you add in hot pan.This way you can store and use the herbs for a month.





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